Vindhyan Scourge

Vindhyan Scourge | विन्ध्य की व्यथा
…………An exploratory factual film

Producer-Director:  Debadityo Sinha
Completed: September, 2011
Duration: 32 minutes 
Language: Hindi (with English subtitles) 
Availability: Vimeo and Youtube.
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Creative Commons License
Vindhyan Scourge by Debadityo Sinha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The film is about the experiences of the Director in the Vindhyan range of sub district Marihan in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. The film explore the facts and reasons behind the loss of forests and wildlife in forests of Mirzapur District in context to prevailing social conditions and challenges in India. The film was on track since 2009 and was shot parallel with the Director’s research and findings during his stay in Mirzapur since last two years. The film was aimed to present the facts through proper evidences and research for every issue it touches. Due to the long term involvement of the Director with the villagers, the film will give you a deep dive into a complete different perspective on deforestation and the out of the flesh problems which will leave the audience bewildered. If you think only wildlife suffers due to deforestation then awake!! This film will show you how the deforestation has taken toll on the people and the consequential problems the villagers face… all with solid evidences and witnesses. How deforestation affects ecology and economy and how all these are related to social issues and tribulations... So far socio-conomic problems were seen different from environment but this film will show you, confuse you, motivate you to think... Whatever you have read or heard about conservational challenges till now you will get to see something more than that! Witness the conservation problems through real cases… presenting Vindhyan Scourge… It’s not just a film… It’s an experience… of environment and the people...

Interesting Facts Making This Film:

The film was started in 2009 and the tentative production deadline was November 2010. But it was later decided to include some more facts and research into the film and the deadline was postponed to November 2011. The sequences in the film including the interviews were never planned and just a matter of coincidence. The Director carried his digital camera always to shot whatever interesting he comes across. This fact has given the film a reality stance.Sometimes the Director and his support team have walked up to 15 kilometers to reach the interior villages due to lack of public transport and being a student they could not afford private vehicles.

During the shooting of this film, the Director and his team spotted vultures in the forests of Marihan. It is believed to be the first instance in Mirzapur when the raptors are being sighted since last decade. 

Few footage in this film were also used by the print media as evidences to publish reports in newspapers. One of the major one was the report of the Tanda Fall which led to heightened security of the place after it was printed in front page of Hindustan in August, 2010.  Audience will get to see that footage in this film as well.

By the rule films are to be made after making a script. But Vindhyan Scourge is the film where script was the destiny and the luck. The Director just wanted to present a pragmatic story where his own views should be secondary to the reality. It is one of the reasons that the film is narrated mostly by the villagers and the experts speaking. The narration is used only as a cementing element. 

You can also see it on Youtube. As You Tube don't allow videos longer than 15 minutes, you have to watch it in three parts and also the quality is greatly compromised. The links to you tube are 'Part I', 'Part II', 'Part III'. So Vimeo is the preferred platform to enjoy uninterrupted and better viewing.

Experts in the Film:


1.  Prof. A. S. Raghubanshi: Leading environmental scientist and expert in Vindhyan ecology, he is also founder of ‘Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development’ in Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He has done several leading research on Vindhyan region and presently involved in various studies using remote sensing. He has published pioneer research articles on loss of indigenous plant species from Vindhyan range. He was the first scientist to report the invasion of Hyptis as alien species in the Vindhya. 

2.  Mr. S.K. Sharma: He is Chief Conservator of Forests for Mirzapur region. He is an expert on socio-economic dimensions of forests conservation and known to initiate many conservational projects in Mirzapur. 

3.  Mr. S. K. Upadhyaya: He is the founder of the Mirzapur version of the Hindi daily newspaper ‘Hindustan’. He is working as journalist and is with the Hindustan Mirzapur for more than three decades. He is known to give the kick start to journalism of Mirzapur and is a respected figure in local media. He is a very active journalist and published many bold articles against stone mafias and corruption in Mirzapur. 
4.  Dr. A. K. Tripathi: An agricultural scientist by profession and a passionate social worker. Dr. Tripathi is associated with Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Banaras Hindu University as a Research Scholar. He has been working for improving the agricultural practices in Marihan since last 4 to 5 years. He is well known personality in the rural areas and is very much respected for his contributions to the agricultural productions of Marihan. His deep understanding of rural economy and his strong hold on rural communities have made much easier for the Director to complete this film. 

How to Get the Film?

You can watch the film free on Vimeo and Youtube. 

The film is also available in the form of DVDs on request.

For any enquiry, call  +91 9540857338 

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