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Media Mentions



                                        Mongabay India, (01 July, 2021)

Mongabay India, (01 July, 2021)

The Hindu, (09 February, 2021)


GQ India, Print Edition (September 2020)

Sanctuary Asia, Print Edition (February 2020)

Navsatta (Lucknow) 15 February 2020

Aaj (Mirzapur) 15 February 2020


Amar Ujala (Mirzapur Edition) 23 December 2019

Hindustan, (Mirzapur Edition) 23 December 2019

Sloth bear surprise for experts in Mirzapur forests- The Times of India

Dainik Amar Bharati, Lucknow/Mirzapur, 22 July 2019


Business Standard, 22 Dec 2018


Govt proposes wide-ranging changes to environmental clearance rules, activists cry foul (Hindustan Times, 21 December, 2017)


Severe air pollution in Delhi, still no criminal cases filed, NCRB data for 2016 shows

रातो रात हटा मुलायम सिंह यादव का नाम (Hindustan, 11 August 2017)

विंध्य के वन पर भू-माफियाओं का क़हर, विलुप्त हो रहे दुर्लभ वन्य प्राणी : बेमतलब सरकार, मतलबी प्रशासन (Chauthi Duniya, 26 July 2017)

पुलिस ने छीन लिया पैसा, चिप (Amar Ujala, 20 June, 2017)

सामाजिक कार्यकर्ताओं को बदमाश समझकर उठाया (Aaj, 20 June, 2017)

Welspun's Mirzapur Power Plant: NGT refuses to review order (DNA, 2nd May, 2017)

Ready to rectify lapses in Welspuns power plant in UP: Centre (India Today, 28 April, 2017)

They said it! (India Water Portal, 1st February, 2017)

Five Rare Caracals Seized from Wildlife Traders in Uttar Pradesh (Sanctuary Asia, 9th January, 2017)


मिर्ज़ापुर थर्मल पावर प्लांट की पर्यावरण मंजूरी रद (Amar Ujala, 24th December, 2016)

NGT quashes environmental clearance to Welspun Energy's UP power plant (Live Mint, 24th December, 2016)

NGT puts brake on Welspun thermal power plant in UP (The Hindu Business Line, 23rd December, 2016)

NGT quashes EC to Welspun Energy's Mirzapur power plant (Business Standard, 23rd December, 2016)

NGT sets aside environmental clearance for thermal power plant in Uttar Pradesh (TOI, 23rd December, 2016)

मोदी सरकार को तगड़ा झटका, अदानी का भाड़ी नुक्सान  (Patrika, 21st December, 2016)

1320 मेगावाट बिजली प्लांट पर लगा ग्रहण (Hindustan, 21st December, 2016)  

गंगा में बिना बैराज के दौड़ेंगे अडानी के जहाज (Patrika, 19th July, 2016)

Polluters get a breather as green bill loses teeth (Times of India, 4th June, 2016)

Bangladesh to face severe disaster-water withdrawal by India in upstream (The Independent-Bangladesh, 17th May, 2016)


कनहर बांध विवाद : एनजीटी के फैसले का क्या असर होगा

कनहर बांध: जांच समिति की रिपोर्ट से नाराज़ ट्रिब्यूनल

Neglected And Unprotected (Sanctuary Asia, 26th August, 2015)

कनहर बांध विवाद : एनजीटी के फैसले का क्या असर होगा  (Chauthi Duniya, 5th June, 2015)

ABANDONED DAMS; ABANDONED PEOPLE (India Water Portal, 19th May, 2015)

DAMNED LIES AND RED TAPE (Hindustan Times, 17th May, 2015)

Online version of the above feature on Hindustan Times Website can be accessed from here

KANHAR: TO BE OR NOT TO BE? (India Water Portal, 17th May, 2015)

कनहर बाँध: नए निर्माण पर रोक, नए सिरे से पर्यावरण, वन अनुमति ज़रूरी (14th May, 2015 in Daili Chhattisgarh)

Kanhar project: NGT lets work on continue, stays new construction (8th May, 2015)

Kanhar Irrigation Project: A lot invested, can’t stop work now, says NGT (8th May, 2015)


कनहर बांध में नए निर्माण पर लगी रोक, हाई लेवल कमेटी करेगी जांच (8th May, 2015)


UP govt undemocratically suppressing people’s voices resisting Kanhar dam: Fact Finding team (24th April, 2015)


Activists and villagers threatened as UP police continues crackdown on anti-dam protest (21st April, 2015)

Kanhar Irrigation Project: Fact-finding team ‘forced’ to leave village, says ‘police sponsored mob’ (20th April, 2015)

Uttar Pradesh police opens fire on anti-Kanhar dam protestors  (14th April, 2015)


Activist sceptical of Gadkari's 'no barrage on Ganga' decision (March 30, 2015)

RTCC | Modi budget sends mixed messages on India’s climate commitment (3rd March, 2015)


Kanhar dam case: Green panel pulls up environment ministry (22nd February, 2015)


Environmentalists welcome green court ruling on Yamuna, Business Standard (15th January, 2015)


पीयूसीएल भी कूदा कनहर बचाओ आंदोलनकारियों के साथ, Dainik Jagran (30th December, 2014)

OUR GREEN HERO! A STORY FROM MIRZAPUR... (Development Alternative Newsletter-October, 2014)

WB to discuss Ganga Project with River Activists, 21st September, 2014


To read original article on DTE website click here
Chauthi Duniya, October, 2013

Jansandesh Times, May 30, 2013


Dainik Jagran, 04.03.12

Amar Ujala, 04.03.12
Hindustan, 03.03.12

Amar Ujala, 03.03.2012

Hindustan, 4th February, 2012

Dainik Jagran, 4th February, 2012


'The Fuelwood and Forests Study', Hindustan, September 6th, 2011


'Finding of Vultures' Hindustan, September 2010.

'Plastic free campaign-BHU South Campus' Times of India, March 2010.

'Plastic free campaign-BHU Suth campus' Hindustan, March 2010.

'Wetland Day- BHU South Campus' Hindustan, February 2010.

'Wetland Day -BHU South Campus', Dainik Jagran, Februray 2010.


During my graduation-Delhi University, Times of India, June 2008

'Delhi Youth Summit on Climate 08', Aaj Samaj, May 2008.