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How the Karnataka High Court missed the forests for the trees | Bar & Bench

 Certain remarks of Karnataka High Court in the Cauvery Calling case are controversial not only because of a poor understanding of ecology but may also leave a negative impact on environmental jurisprudence.

The High Court of Karnataka while dismissing a public interest litigation (PIL) petition against the ‘Cauvery Calling’ project, observed that the only remedy available to save mankind and planet earth is afforestation, which is being carried out by the Isha Foundation for which they must be appreciated.

The Cauvery Calling project which was launched by Isha Foundation in July 2019 aims at planting 242 crore trees in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in the next 12 years.

The PIL, however, did not question the merits of the project but was filed to obtain a stay on it on the grounds that the organisers are........

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