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Bearing Up Well, Conserving the last wilderness of Mirzapur as a habitat of the sloth bear | Saevus Magazine March-May 2020


The Success Story of Kaziranga’s Tigers – Unpacking the Dichotomy

Kaziranga National Park which is known for the single largest population of One-Horned Rhinoceros is also home to the single largest population of tigers in North-East India.  The  tiger census of 2018  showed the total number of tigers in the entire north eastern region of India as 219, which included 190 tigers in Assam, followed by 29 in Arunachal Pradesh. Even as all other states in its vicinity including West Bengal, Mizoram and Nagaland recorded decreasing numbers to nil in tiger censuses over the years, Assam outshone them each time.The state had just 70 tigers in 2006, and has thus recorded over 250% growth.  This might look like a great conservation success story – which indeed it is – but it might be too early to celebrate the results. The Project Tiger report which recorded an increase in tiger numbers has also warned that the tiger population in the entire North East Hills  remain critically vulnerable and needs immediate conservation attention .  This piece del