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Kanhar Project in UP: Another unwanted dam | SANDRP

   Posted on December 29, 2014 by SANDRP Original Link:  “ We do not want dams; in fact we don’t need it. It is the industries for which they need water, and for which they want us to give up our fertile ancestral land and destroy the forests which we have protected since centuries and put our children in danger.” An affected villager Kanhar Dam is one of those projects which is an example of how so called developments worsen the situation for the people and environment. The project conceived 37 years ago has been in abeyance since last 25 years. With the latest inauguration of construction of the dam on 5 th December, 2014 after a span of 25 years without a fresh proper cost benefit analysis (CBA), any environment impact assessment (EIA) or Social Impact Assessment (SIA) ever, the commencement of project activities is making way for a large social uprising in the hea

PETITION: Stop Illegal Construction of Kanhar Dam

  Dear all, It is my request to please go through the following petition link, endorse and share- for helping these thousands of tribal families who are on indefinite protests in this cold since a month now to show protest against the Kanhar dam in Sonbhadra. This dam is illegal and will destroy a very rich biodiversity area of the country. Lakhs of trees will be felled, 80 villages will be submerged and will have huge impact on River Son and Ganga. Naional Green Tribunal has already issued stay order if they do not have the environment and forest clearance, but the U.P. govt is still adamant to proceed with the construction. We need your support as a great natural heritage of the country and livelihood of a huge number of our brothers and sisters are at risk today. Please sign the online petition to  'Stop the Illegal Construction of Kanhar Dam' which is directed to Akhilesh Yadav, CM of Uttar Pradesh; Mr. Deepak Singhal, PS-Irrigation Department, Utta