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Our Green Hero! A Story from Mirzapur…An Article by Development Alternative on me

Friends! Here is a piece written by Ms Vandana Saini highlighting the very important initiative which I took in 2010.  The cleanliness drives and movement against polythene has been one of my best initiatives with a very good success. Since then it is a huge success and continuing in the form of Eco-One and Vindhya Bachao. This post just reminds me of those days when we had to struggle a lot against the stiff administration, convincing them, winning people's trust and inspiring others by proving ourselves. Whenever anyone asks me what you have done, I just tell them to go Mirzapur and find it yourself! Our Green Hero! A Story from Mirzapur… ( I n the last couple of decades, efforts to render cities environmentally and socially sustainable have culminated in a new phenomenon – the so-called eco-city. Throughout the 1980s