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Coal, Waterway and India’s Climate Vulnerability

In a country where enforcement of environmental regulations has always been regarded as a major challenge, the new government’s decision to relax such regulations could seriously threaten to the country’s climate vulnerability. The Centre’s model to have more control over natural resources and relax the rules for foreign companies is leading to an unsustainable increase in the intensity and severity of exploitation of natural resources like coal. The recent Supreme Court verdict declaring the allotment of coal mines since 1993 as illegal must be a knock-back to those who attempt to influence government policies and principles. But that has very less to do with government’s long term plan of firing coal to push forward the “development” agenda. Some of the important amendments brought in by the Modi government include the exemption of the requirement of public hearing for expansion projects of coal mines with capacity of 20 Million Tons Per Annum. Earlier this year, in Ja