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Forest Diversions from Hydel Projects in Uttarakhand: An Analysis

I wrote this article as my first investigative project working with ERC. Suddenly Ritwick Sir told me why don't you do an analysis on forest diversion in Uttarakhand due to hydel projects. This could be a great study. Without thinking twice I started the work and within 24 hours the article was ready! The findings then become viral in media and news channels kept highlighting this study in the support of how hydel projects are responsible for the disaster in the form of flood in Uttarakhand. Sharing you the article here. Originally posted on eRc India website on 28th June, 2013 and can be accessed online by following this link. _______________________ "Since 2008, more than half of all forest diversions being made for hydel projects in Uttarakhand occurred in Chamoli District alone." The nation is witnessing the disastrous flood in Uttarakhand, of which districts Uttarkashi, Chamoli and Rudraprayag being worst affected. We, at eRc carried out an analysis of all