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Four Days at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Reaching Dudhwa Dudhwa National Park is a unique wildlife reserve of the country. It’s a place where every informed wildlife enthusiast will be eager to visit. The reason is simple; Dudhwa is unique in many features. Firstly, It’s a tiger reserve which itself attracts! Secondly, Katerniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, part of Dudhwa tiger reserve is world famous for its gharial population, an endemic aquatic reptile of India. Thirdly, success of Rhinoceros in Dudhwa makes it a home to diverse kind of animals and ecosystems. I was very excited from inside when I got the confirmation call from Mr. Fazlur of Katerniaghat Foundation about my participation at Dudhwa Bird Count. My first visit to any national park and that too in Dudhwa!! I also had a very important meeting with a famous environment lawyer on Saturday, but the call from wild was strong and, though for a moment I was in dilemma but I chose passion again. The other reason was also that the visit was already

Wetlands in India: Their Importance and hydrologic alteration as threat from urbanization

Content:   Introduction > Wetlands in India: Current Scenario > Wetland Services > Urban Water Crisis and Altered Hydrology Cycle (Case study: Chilika Lake) > Concerns (Case study: Sonbhadra) >  Conclusion Introduction Wetlands as the name suggest is any land which is wet or contain water. There has been much definition for wetlands but none can be said perfect definition. Since years, the most common definition used by scientific texts is, wetlands are lands transitional between terrestrial and aquatic eco-systems where the water table is usually at or near the surface or the land is covered by shallow water (Mitch and Gosselink, 1986). However a more clear and detailed definition can be found of that of Ramsar Convention , entered into force 1975  as ‘ areas of marsh, fen, peat, land or water, whether natural or artificial, permanent or temporary, with water that is static or flowing, fresh, brackish or salt, including areas of marine water the depth of which