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What Makes Science Express Biodiversity Special: Debaadityo’s Film on Science Express Biodiversity Special released at SEBS valediction

The most awaited film on Science Express Biodiversity Special by Debaadityo was officially released by Mr. Chander Mohan, Adviser and Scientist G, Department of Science and Technology, GoI at Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre, Ahmedabad. The occasion was valediction program of Science Express Biodiversity Special (SEBS) which crossed 24 lakh visitors in the current phase of exhibition during which it covered 18,000 kilometers touching 51 stations in 201 exhibition days.   This film by Debaadityo is a tribute to the team of SEBS which he made during his association with this unique science exhibition. He started his journey with SEBS from its inauguration on  5 th June, 2012 from Delhi Safdarjung and worked as Science Communicator till successful completion of the phase on 22 nd December, 2012. 

It is not the end 2013 is here!

Another end to a year...2012 will never come again. For me another year added to exploration of this world, the people and how it works. Nonetheless to say, 2012 has been the most rewarding year in my entire life and if compared to last year, it has been wonderful. Got to see many places… got to know many people and of course got to learn many things. This year added to me lots of new experiences which I used to think, hope, wonder and desired. Thanks 2012 you gave me many such things in such a short time. Like every past years in my life