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Of Anna, Lokpal and People of India... The article for all who supports Anna blindly!

It was April 5th, 2011 when the nation saw an old man doing fast for a strong law against corruption. Well, the anti corruption topic was raised by BJP last year to bring back black money. A series of events started thereafter and in April I got to know Anna Hazare. Now I am telling you here my observations, views and some inferences and how things twisted since April till today. This is first time I wrote on something away from my favorite topic of environment. The rise of Team Anna I was out of the capital, but through facebook and newspaper I got some hints though not the clear picture. Anyway, Anna got good support at Jantar Mantar. Within 5 days government accepted his demand to bring a lokpal bill. Hazare’s statement came on fourth day as "Government has accepted all our demands and I will end my fast tomorrow at 10:30AM. This is a victory for the entire nation!”