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The Toxic Solution: A lesson on World Environment Day!

Being an environment enthusiast I planned to visit the so much hyped 'Green Haat' at Dilli Haat. Though I wasn't in a mood but still gave it a second thought for just knowing what people are doing in other parts of the country hoping to learn something and off course share some knowledge what I can give them. As it was organized by MoEF, UNEP and CEE I thought it would leave me learned. I was joined by another environmentalist friend of mine whom I met during coordinating a conference.. and obviously if she haven’t been there today I would seriously get bored.. Anyway here 's the story after we entered the haat!

We got to see many stalls of handicrafts and clothes to welcome the visitors. Most of them were made by tribals and other traditional artisans in different part of the country. Thanks to these NGOs who market there products and also give us a chance to see them sitting at the mahanagars. Leaving all these apart now I wanna tell what I see one should consider it as an environmentalist's eye. There was a small stall at the entrance to the core exhibition. It was by some NGO working for disabled children. There was quite a rush there (is it due to being the first stall?). They had a two or three standies saying 'E-Waste Solutions',
The solution to e-waste they found!

seeing that we were more curious to see what the stuff they are selling from e-waste.

Its quite fancy too!

available for your key chains too... more products coming soon!!

A guy came up and proudly informed us that the disabled children have made this from used computer parts. God!! I asked him about any knowledge about toxic metals in them. It made him more happy as if I am interested in his invention and he said it proudly, 'thats how we have reduced the waste from environment'. Now how could we make him understand the toxic impacts of these circuits which contain lead, cadmium, tin and other elements which include the deadly mercury too. Its not only harmful for the person buying it but think about the poor children who made them!

We took the visiting card of the NGO and walked away! Tomorrow will follow up with them and will try to tell them about their works which unknowingly...

Nonetheless rest of the stalls were not too impressive at least to us who are so much into environmentalism, but being an environmentalist we found our visit to the 'Green Haat' really fruitful. Actually got learned now in name of green solutions people still doing mistakes.. Say it lack of efforts from ourselves or the ministry who organized it .. but one thing is sure.. Environmentalism is nothing but a thing of sympathy, fantasy and romanticizing for the hi-fi people and an opportunity to market products which don't get much attention by just tagging it 'eco-friendly'! Lets see what the NGO claiming E-waste solution react tomorrow!! Thumbs up!! 
We are Green!