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Fuelwood, Food and Forests: A study in Mirzapur

The greatest discovery made by man ever was the fire with which he got the power to cook food and since then it has created an intense demand on wood. With development in science and technology and discovery of new fuels, the choice of energy kept shifting to cleaner fuel. While, the modern fuels like LPG and kerosene have been the major energy sources in urban areas, but in rural households it is the traditional bio fuels that are being used as the major energy source for cooking. The fact that natural resources are freely available at zero cost involved, added with unavailability of alternate fuel sources the bio fuels, chiefly wood and cow dung are the principal fuels used in rural areas. Fuelwood has been the chief fuel choice in rural India. As population is increasing fast and land areas under forest are shrinking, so it is indeed an alarming situation. Women and children with fuelwood. (Mirzapur, September, 2010)

About animals and their relationships with humans!

Read the following lines which everyone already studied at schooltime: “Cow gives us milk.” “Sheep gives us wool.” “Goat gives us meat” Now answer these questions: Does cow really gives us milk or we take it? Does sheep really gives us wool or we take it? Does goat gives us meat or we take it? The logic is simple. Man is selfish. Throughout the history of evolution, man has achieved dominance over the earth proving “survival of the fittest” because man has learned how to utilize nature for its own self needs. Its good that we learned to utilize nature and every organism do that to survive, infact the basis of survival is to utise nature and its resources. But the problem arised when the “utilization” turned into “exploitation”. From the period humans came into existence their utter selfishness has