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Wetlands: Are they wastelands?

Current Perception of the Wetlands Wetlands, due to no visible utility to human are largely being ignored by us. Even today in the era, where global warming, climate change and sinking of water table is such a big issue, the initiative to conserve them has not yet been considered. Well, the problem is not only their ignorance, nor we can blame it on the people neither the government, the problem actually lies in the unawareness about the wetlands. The main reason is lack of people in aquatic sciences, and less studies on wetlands especially in India. Generally, the wetlands are percept as ‘wastelands’, that’s why whenever there is a pond or lake in nearby locality, people starts dumping their household wastes, sewage etc. Today, to make Understand the person about the importance of a wetland is a Herculean task! But its in almost every religious texts to conserve lake, ponds, rivers etc. whether you see Quran, the holy book of Muslims